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Welcome  to Helping Arms. We are a not-for-profit, community-based organization  founded in 1998 to provide counseling, employment placement services,  housing and other social services to low income people.  In 2009,  Helping Arms, Inc. was awarded funding through the U.S. Department of  Labor to operate a prison reentry initiative in the City of Trenton, New  Jersey.  We collaborate with a number of community organizations to  provide transitional support services to adult offenders, 18 years of  age and older, who have been convicted and incarcerated as an adult and  who are returning to the greater Trenton area.


Our  program provides ex-offenders with case management, employment and  educational opportunities, housing services, computer-supported  education, drug treatment, mental health referrals and mentoring.  

Helping  Arm's holistic approach to reentry ensures that each individual's needs  are identified and met.  Our goal is to assist each client in preparing  for, obtaining and sustaining employment. 


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Helping Arms, Inc.
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