Success Stories

 Thomas Davidson - Enrolled  in Helping Arms, Prisoner Reentry Program on November 30, 2009.  We  worked with him diligently in setting up his e-mail account and updating  his resume to help him find employment.  As a result, Tom is presently  working two full-time jobs and has successfully completed his treatment  program on January 25, 2010.  He plans to purchase a new car and to  enroll in college for Business Administration.  Thomas was a first time  offender and appears to be on his way to successfully reintegrating back  into society.  Helping Arms will continue to monitor his progress over  the next twelve months.

Carl Mims - Enrolled  in Helping Arms, Prisoner Reentry program on November 30, 2009.  We  worked with him on obtaining employment with Marriot Hotel systems as a  Sous Chef.  After working with his Helping Arms Employment Specialist on  interviewing techniques and resume writing skills, Carl had two very  good interviews and was offered a conditional position with the hotel  chain.  However, corporate denied him employment due to his previous  incarcerations.  Presently, we have placed Carl with Precision Acura and  he has started work this week.  He should successfully exit his  treatment program in mid February, 2010.  Helping Arms will continue to  track Carl's success over the next year.

David Lipman - Enrolled  in Helping Arms, Prisoner Reentry program on October 1, 2009.  We  worked with David in deciding how to best use his work experience prior  to incarceration.  He is currently working as an IT technician for  Opportunities for All.  He is excited about his work and his progress  will be monitored over the next year. 


 "  Seven months ago I was released from prison and homeless.  I met the  director of Helping Arms, Inc. who assisted me with receiving help from  Mercer County Board of Social Services.  Helping Arms gave me the  support I needed to get my life back on track.  They provided me with  housing, referrals for medical issues, and vocatinal training.  I now  attend Mercer County Vo-Tech for automotive repair and am on my way to a  career.  Case managers at Helping Arms are always available to help me  when I'm in a situation that I could not handle on my own.  Helping Arms  is my family."   

  - Program Participant

"I  was homeless and stayed at the Rescue Mission where there was a bed for  me.  I learned about Helping Arms and they helped me move into  transitional housing.  I have my own bed now and don't have to worry  about being homeless.  Helping Arms staff really cares about me.  A case  manager was assigned to me and helped me resolve many problems.  They  helped me search for jobs and taught me computer skills so I can  complete job applications.  I am now moving into my own permanent room,  been offered a job and continue to improve my life."
  - Program Participant